About Us

San Diego, California’s second biggest city and United States’ eighth-biggest, recognized for its ideal atmosphere, unblemished shores, and an amazing presentation of world-class family attractions. But despite, the beauty of the city, there’s an issue present. Just like what other countries had faced, San Diego has drug addictions and substance abuse problems. However, our drug rehabilitation and sober living home is here to help those persons affected.

Do you have a drug or substance use problems? We can assist you to find answers to your questions. Do not let drugs and alcohol control you because it only produces wreckage which includes confusion, anxiety, grief, and resentment. Treatment offers the best option for intruding on the criminal justice cycle for guilty parties with drug and liquor issues. Research has demonstrated that treatment works – individuals can and do recuperate from addiction, keeping up forbearance from liquor and drugs. Research has additionally appeared as substance misuse decreases, so does criminal conduct.

We’re not only an ordinary treatment facility, but we will also enable you to encounter an eco-accommodating office and joining our vicinity of family-arranged specialists. You will never feel alone, forsaken and discouraged. We are here to give you genuine care and willing to help you succeed in your aspirations to recovery.

“Addiction is a family illness. Only one person uses, but the whole family suffers.”

Do not let it happen. Start a change now. Make a move towards a meaningful recovery. We are here to support you throughout the recovery process. Hand in hand, we will fight drug addiction.